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Current number of stars in Omega Point

*With your game play, a star is added to the Omega Point.

There is a world where stars are unknown.
With no stars to look upon for direction,
many people in that world are lost
during the darkest hours of time.

That world wanders in aimless directions,
without a proper definition for justice.
And the victim and perpetrator
both live inside their prisons.
There is no restoration for anyone and
people bear the weight of their lachrymatory.
Their version of justice is a one
especially harsh on their youth.

But here is one boy – one boy who has
gone through his rites of passage –
bringing death to the old world
bringing birth to a new world.
A once nameless boy who had lost his way,
a once motherless boy who knew of no stars
journeyed deep into the wombs of the Lachrymatory
gaining a name, gaining a star.
And now that star shines in its skies.

It is our hope that here,
where the virtual world ends
and the real world begins,
those stars will continue to shine brightly
upon the dark night sky.

Selected project for the 2022 Unfold X Programme


Map of Lachrymatory World

The plan of Lachrymatory World is similar to that of 'Hagar Qim' an ancient religious site found in Malta, resembling the body of the Goddess. The act of traveling through the Lachrymatory is an act of going into the womb of the Goddess, undertaking a journey of renewal and rebirthing into a new reality.


The navel of Lachrymatory World. The Cave of Renewal, the forest and the Oak are all located in the Omphalos. It's a place of trials and challenges. Just as the fetus prepares to come to the real world, this is a place of growth where one prepares to enter into a new reality.

Omega Point

A concept meaning 'a supposed future where everything in the universe spirals toward a final point of unification'. In the Lachrymatory, it is a space where the virtual world ends
and the real world begins. It is where Mago NPC can be found and also where a new star, a new reality is born.

Cave of Renewal

Though at first it looks like a place of confinement, those who have acquired the Manteau Lucia is able to see that there is a secret gate which leads to Omega Point. Once the lunar lachrymatory is in the hands of Luna NPC, transparent shoes will be given with which one can access the secret gate.

The Oak

An oak tree located in the forest of Omphalos. It is decorated with many lachrymatories given to the Oak as offereings. The Oak grants the wishes of those who have hung their lachrymatories on the tree but gets enraged by those who have not been careful with the fragile tear bottles.

Kintsugi Workshop

A workshop that has a structure resembling a huge kintsugi art. Lumen NPC overlooks this area and has the skills to bring together broken pieces, making them into a more valuable object. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the broken pieces together using laquer mixed with powdered gold. The pottery becomes more valuable than before.


Both the name of this virtual world and a term for tear bottles. Found in Roman tombs, they are thought to have been bottles into which mourners dropped their tears. (But it is more likely to have been used as perfume bottles.) In the Lachrymatory World, they hold the tears of the Cave of Renewal. Tear bottles which are repaired through kintsugi art emits golden light.

Lachrymatory Chandelier

Located in the Kintsugi workshop, its figure resembles an upside-down Oak with lachrymatories hanging like light bulbs. If a kintsugi lachrymatory is hung on the chandelier, it lets out tears of light.

Solar Lachrymatory

Tear bottle with a sun symbol which allows one to acquire the Manteau Lucia.

Lunar Lachrymatory

Tear bottle with a moon symbol, which allows one to acquire transparent shoes.

Stellar Lachrymatory

Tear bottle with a symbol of the sun and moon together, a.k.a. the Lunamen symbol. This allows one to gain a name. By holding opposites together, it is a symbol of reconciliation. It also symbolizes the morning star, Venus and Mago.

Manteau Lucia

A special manteau which glows in the dark. If one sings while wearing this, the manteau glows and allows one to see what was once imperceptible.

Transparent Shoes

Special shoes that keeps one safe in any territory. Only those who have acquired these shoes are able to access Omega Point.


Born into a world where stars do not exist, he is an orphan with no name so he is simply called 'Boy'. In the world where he comes from, many people get lost as there are no stars to guide them at night.

Lumen NPC

As the guide of Kintsugi workshop, Lumen is able to help one acquire Manteau Lucia with the solar lachrymatory.

Luna NPC

As the guide of Cave of Renewal, Luna is able to help one acquire transparent shoes with the lunar lachrymatory.

Mago NPC

The guide of Omega Point and the body of the virtual and real world. A Goddess who is constantly delivering a new reality by creating stars in the night sky. The name comes from the Creation Goddess found in myths and legends throughout the Korean Peninsula.

The Star

It can either stay dark or light up. Once it gains its shine, it can fly up to the sky. As it finds its place in the night sky, it becomes a guide for people who look upon them to find their way back home.

Game Controller

Keyboard: W (forward) A (left) S(back) D (right), Space Bar (select), Caps Lock (transform), Esc (Exit)
Mouse: Point of View


Windows & Mac
(Web-browser version playable on PC will be coming soon)


25~30 minutes

The Lachrymatory project was made possible through the Unfold X programme, a grant from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which trains and funds artists experimenting with art and technology. This digital storytelling project is an attempt to draw the essence of restorative justice.

*This website will be operational from December 2022 until June 2023.

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